Common Questions

Q. What is the Guardian Patch?
A. The Guardian Patch is a tracking device in the form of a sticky patch.

Q. How do I use the Guardian Patch?
A. Simply stick on the object that you like to track, download and install the free app on your mobile phone (iPhone or Android), and then always know where your object is!

Q. How do I see where my object is?
A. The Guardian mobile app presents your object’s location on Google Map.

Q. Does Guardian work also where there is no cellular or conventional network, for example in the desert?
A. Yes, Guardian proprietary technology tracks the object anywhere on Earth.

Q. On what objects I can put the Guardian Patch?
A. Use the patch on your car, laptop, bike, mobile phone, purse, puppy, priceless painting or on any object that you’d like to track.

Q. Can I register my Guardian Patch on more then one phone?
A. Yes. One Patch can be registered on multiple phones.

Q. How do I use the Guardian Patch as an Emergency beacon?
A. It is simple. Peel the Patch off, and it acts like an Emergency Beacon, sending out a signal and notifying anyone who registered your Patch.

Q. How long does the Guardian Patch last for?
A. The Guardian Patch lasts for one (1) year. After the one year, you’ll have to replace it with a new one. A few weeks before the battery is exhausted, you’ll be notified through your Guardian app about the remaining time.

Q. What is the cost to buy a Guardian Patch, and are discounts offered on buying multiple Patches?
A. We estimate the cost for about $39.95. We will offer discounted packages for multiple patches purchased.

Q. When will Guardian Patch be available?
A. Guardian Patch will be available in 2018.

Q. What extra services I can get from Guardian?
A. Additional statistics services like # of miles traveled at certain times and dates, locations you have visited, security alerts and more, can be purchased for additional fee.